Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions are an integral part of the package tours ( hereinafter: the Arrangement), and thus the Agreement for an organized trip ( hereinafter : Contract ) that the travel agency ” Sports and Travel ” Ltd., based in street . I.Perkovca , 10430 Samobor and commercial space in Ilica Zagreb 171.10000 , which ( hereinafter : Organizer ) contractor travel ( hereinafter : Contracting Authority ). All the informations and terms in the program and these General Terms are binding for the Organizer, the Contracting Authority and the service user – passengers ( hereinafter : the Traveler ) if the contract is not interlocked differently.


  1. Applications for the arrangement can be made at the offices of the Organizer, in the offices of authorized travel agency intermediaries, delivering the necessary information by fax, e – mail or via the Internet . Based on the applications received Organizer will provide the Contracting Authority Contract which is considered binding after being signed by the Contracting Parties or otherwise clearly stated their consent ( internet, fax, e-mail, making it available to the number of credit card payments on current account ), and legal effect when the agency by the agreed date receives the appropriate payment. If the program is not otherwise specified, when the Contract is made it is required to pay 30% and the rest at least 15 days before the departure date . Organizer and the Contracting Authority may in the contract stipulate different payment options .


  1. Content arrangement makes that price includes everything mentioned in the program. Some special and additional services (transfers, additional meals, shore excursions, entrance fees, obtaining visas, vaccinations, travel insurance, tips, etc.) that are not included in the published price of the package and the organizer can provide and include them in the contract, the Contracting Authority will pay afterwards. If the price of some of the requested services Organizer can provide not listed in the program, the Organizer will inform the Contracting Authority about the price before signing. For special and additional services which Organizer can not provide and include in the contract, and those which traveler asks for the duration of the arrangement and pay on the spot with direct service providers, organizers are not responsible as a tour regardless of the assistance of representative of the Organizer to provide passenger in obtaining these services and the information of estimated prices for these services. If organizer requests, the Contracting Authority is obliged to pay taxes and in particular, certain fees or tickets to special regulations which Organizer charged in someone else’s name and for the account of another and on the amount of which can not be influenced, and necessary for the implementation of services. The organizer will promptly notify he Contracting Authority or Traveller about the existence, price, as well as possible changes in the mode of collection of these charges.


  1.  Offered accommodation facilities, restaurants, transport , etc. are described according to the official categorization of the local tourist organization or other competent authority at the time of the program. Standards of accommodation, food, services , etc. . Different places and countries are different and not comparable. Informations which the Contracting Authority receives verbaly at point of sale, by telephone, in writing or otherwise by an unauthorized person are not binding for the Organizer to a greater extent than the notification referred to in the travel program , these General Terms and Contract.


  1. The organizer is not responsible for any misprints nor for subsequent changes in new editions of promotional materials and programs to which attention was drawn to the travel contractor prior to the conclusion of the Treaty, and in this sense are considered authoritative data stated in the contract, rather than in the promotional material.


  1. Organizer is not  responsible if some activities and facilities that are dependent on weather conditions ( lack of snow, low water temperature, precipitation, etc.) and natural phenomena ( mucilage , the appearance of insects , jellyfish , etc. ), can not be realized in line with expectations passengers.


  1. If the contractor has not specifically arranged accommodation unit ( room , apartment , cabin , etc . ) with a special attribute, he will accept any officially registered accommodation unit for rent at the facility. The entrance to the accommodation unit is typically between 16 and 20 hours, and the same  generally must be left by 10 am on the day of completion of the services, if for each accommodation capacity in the program is not otherwise specified. In case that arrival or departure from the accommodation does not coincide with the time of entering and leaving the accommodation units, the Organizer will try to ensure adequate room for storage and luggage, but can not guarantee to fulfill requests. If possible, the Organizer will try to meet the pre – announced  additional request for accommodation ( room pets, additional beds , cots , comfort, room , floor , etc . ), but can not guarantee to fulfill these requests.


  1. If the contractor has signed an Agreement for an organized trip as a ” last minute ” ( traveling at the last moment ) or a contract in which the name of the facility where the traveler stays is learned only upon arrival at the destination (action under the names : fortuna , Ace, Joker , Roulette , no name hotel , etc .), then he accepts the risks of such travel . This journey consists of uncertainties and facts that Organizer can not  control, and the contractor has  primarily accepted such travel because of the cheaper price contractor or traveler have no right to complain to the Organizer.


  1. Prices of arrangements are published in kuna and are valid from the date of publication indicated on the program. The organizer reserves the right to increase the price of the package up to 20 days before the beginning of a journey, if there has been a change in the foreign exchange rate, transportation cost increase, including fuel cost increase or an increase of service fees (at airports and other ports, etc .) That affects the cost of travel. Price increase is calculated with the same percentage in which there has been a change in the above calculation elements.


  1. The organizer can cancel the arrangement or make changes of the program in the event of circumstances which can not be avoided (war, riots, strikes, terrorist attacks, sanitary problems, natural disasters, accidents, sudden and unusual delays in transport, local authorities, the sudden changes in timetables, delays of means of transport, weather conditions, etc.), and which would be, if they had occurred at the time of execution of the Contract, reasonable grounds for the Organizer not to enter into a contract. Organizer particularly reserves the right to change the days and hours of the departure time due to changes in the schedule of the aircraft or performing other previously mentioned circumstances, as well as the right to change the direction of travel due to changed circumstances, without compensation to the Passenger and by the applicable regulations in passenger traffic. The organizer will promptly notify Travellers about any changes of  program. The organizer is not responsible for the delay of aircraft, ship or train as well as for changes to the program and the costs incurred caused by such delays. If circumstances at the destination prevents accomodation of passenger in the reserved facility, Organizer will place Traveller  into another facility of equal or higher category from the reserved and at their own expense. The organizer reserves the right to cancel service for a transfer specifically hired transport at least 5 days before departure if s 80% occupancy of the vehicle is not achieved, and for group traveling under the terms of the program.


  1. If the contractor or the traveler cancels the tour packagem,  in compensation of the total price organizer reserves :
    up to 30 days before departure 10 % of the price , and at least 100 HRK
    29-22 days prior to departure, 25 % of the price
    21-15 days before departure 40 % of the price
    14-8 days before departure 80 % of the price
    7-0 days before departure 100 % of the price after departure 100 % of the price

    If the actual damage caused is bigger than mentioned, Organizer reserves the right to charge it at the maximum amount of 100 % of the price. These cancellation fees will apply to change of the date of departure and the object, or the type of accommodation units as well as on other major changes unless the travel program or the catalog is not explicitly stated otherwise. Upon termination of the arrangement contractor is not entitled to reimbursement of any charges visas, insurance, vaccinations and other expenses. If the contractor who cancels the trip finds a new user for the same reservation, organizer will charge the cost of the replacement, if replacement is possible for a fee of 100 kuna.

  1. The traveler is required to ensure that his documents and belongings fulfill the conditions set by the carrier and those provided for border, customs, health and other regulations of his country and the country through which or in which he is traveling, and the organizer is not responsible for the decisions of officials which deny transport of the Traveler, refuse to issue a visa or entry into a particular country or for costs which thus causes. If due to the reasons stated above occurs travel cancellation prior to or during the journey, Organizer reserves the right for refund bacuse of damage as provided in these General Terms. The cost of loss or theft of documents are covered by the Traveler. The passenger is obliged to follow the tour program and the house rules in catering and accommodation facilities and means of transportation, and to cooperate with representatives of the organizers and service providers in good faith. In the case of non-compliance with these obligations organizer takes no responsibility for damages caused a traveler pays the same scene. The traveler is required to comply during the journey  with the rules on personal safety which would use every average man. The organizer is not responsible for the actions of the Passenger relating to his personal responsibility.


  1. According to the regulations, employees of the agency in which the arrangement is paid to the Contracting Authority shall be obliged to make available promotional material and these General Terms and Conditions in written or electronic form, to give adequate notice of the basic border formalities, the formalities when issuing visas and health formalities in respect of travel and stay in destination as well as the time necessary for the fulfillment of those formalities. In addition, they are obliged to offer him and introduce him to the content of insurance against accidents and illness while traveling, lost luggage, voluntary health insurance during travel and stay abroad, travel cancellation insurance and insurance that provides assistance expenses and return passengers in the place of departure in case of accident and disease. Employees of the agency shall inform the Contracting Authority with the content of the applicable Contract of insurance against liability for damage he causes to the Contracting Authority organizer of non-performance, partial performance or undue performance of the obligations relating to the package deal. By signing the Contracting Authority confirms that he had presented all this information and that it is aware of the content and the possibility of insurance.


  1. In the arrangement with organized transport passenger has the right to free transport of luggage up to 15 kg on charter flights and up to 20kg on regular airlines. For bus transport passenger has the right to transport two bags usual size. In the event that the carrier determines different constraints in the carriage of baggage from the said Organization shall inform the Contracting Authority during the execution of the Contract. For air transportation, excess baggage traveler pays the applicable rules and rates of the airline. Children under 2 years are not entitled to free transport of luggage. The organizer is not responsible for luggage transport, and is not responsible for damaged or lost luggage nor for the theft of luggage or valuables in a vehicle or in the accommodation unit (we recommend renting a safe wherever possible!). Claims for lost luggage are directed to the carrier or an accommodation facility. Particular luggage (bicycle, surfboard, golf equipment, musical instruments and similar objects) The contractor shall announce before entering into the Agreement. If possible, the Organizer will try to meet the pre-announced contractors additional request for special baggage, but can not guarantee to fulfill these requests. The carrier is entitled not to receive extra and special baggage because of the limitations of carrying capacity. Organizer therefore is not responsible for any cost or damage that Passenger therefore suffers. Passenger is obliged to take care of their things entered into the passenger compartment of means of transport (train, plane, bus, boat …), and when leaving the means of transport is obliged to take with him. Otherwise, the Traveler is responsible for theft, loss or damage to property left on the means of transport without their supervision. Transportations of pets are not allowed, except in exceptional cases on request and at extra cost.


  1. In case of incomplete or unsatisfactory services from the agreed arrangement contractor may file an appeal for the removal of detected irregularities prescribed in these General Terms. Immediately after the perceived failure on the spot of Service Traveler advertises inadequate service by representatives of the Organizer in his presence and / or to the service provider. The traveler is required to cooperate with the organizers representative and service in good faith to address the causes of complaints. If the traveler does not accept refuses the proposed solution which corresponds with the contracted service, organizer does not have to accept subsequent contractors or travelers’ reclamation. If the cause of the complaint is not resolved, or the traveler  is not satisfied with the offered solution, he  shall draw up a written certificate with the Organizer and / or the service providers signed by all the parties present and retain for himself a copy of this certificate. If a representative of the Organizer and / or the service provider refuses to draw up or to sign such a certificate, passenger can compile a corresponding statement by himself which must be signed by credible witnesses who will later be made available to the Organizer and / or executor services. No later than 8 days after returning from the path, the Contracting Authorityhas to hand out the written complaint to the point of sale where he paid the arrangement. Objection shall be accompanied by written confirmation of the complaint and any accounts for the additional costs. The contractor is required to explain the allegations of the complaint and to present appropriate evidence. The organizer will take into consideration only properly filed complaints received by the specified deadline of eight days and issue a written decision on the complaint of the Contracting Authority within 15 days of receipt of the complaint from the sales site. The organizer may delay resolution of the complaint for another 15 days to collect information and verify the complaint with the service provider. While organizer does not take a decision, which is maximum of 30 days from the investment of the objection, the Contracting Authority and the passenger are excluding mediation of any other institution or judicial institutions and disclaim giving information to the media and the media. Also, during the said period of 30 days the Contracting Authority and the traveler agrees not to sue. Relatively reduction in price per complaint may reach: the amount of the unused part of the service, the difference in price because of the lower categories of accommodation and other capacities of contracted, and compensation for damages incurred due to failure, partial performance or undue performance of the obligation is limited to the amount of the package price. This excludes the right of the Contracting Authority and Traveler to indemnification of damages, unless the same is provided with an insurance company that covers the same damage. The contracting parties mutually determined that Contractor which is not satisfied with the act of the Organizer, and adhered to the above procedure for making a complaint and has all the necessary documentation prior to resolution of the problem through the courts initiate arbitration proceedings with the competent bodies of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.


  1. In accordance with the regulations, in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy of the Organizer, traveler caught on the trip, as well as persons who have paid a deposit for the trip, need to contact the provider of the insurance stated on the Contract, and state the phone number for the insurance representative so he can contact them.


  1. These Conditions are an integral part of the contract which the contractor is concluded with the organizer or an authorized travel agency in which he is reported to travel. Possible / predicted deviations from these General Terms and Conditions, shall be stated in the text of the tour program or in the Agreement. This edition includes all the earlier editions.