Green Cycle Journey through Nature park Žumberak

Price: €353.04 / 2660,00 €
Days: 3

It’s time for an Adventure! ☀️ Take the kids to the beautiful Žumberak hills, to explore, learn, and experience the world.
For companies, organizations and institutions!


Day 1: ZAGREB – SAMOBOR – GABROVICA – BUDINJAK (17 km by bike)

  • Driving to Samobor , a popular weekend destination for Zagreb residents.
  • Visit to the MINE OF ST. BARBARA at 9:00 a.m., one of the oldest European copper and iron mines. Upon entering the mine, we will be greeted by RUDARSKA GREBLICA , a savory cake made of cheese and walnuts or cheese and greens. Kolač is on the list of intangible cultural heritage of Croatia, and it used to be an integral part of the miner’s gablec.
  • After the mine, we take the bus to Gabrovica , where E BICYCLES and licensed guides Gradimir and Franjo are waiting for us. Each bicycle will have the name and surname of the child, and a helmet. Following are short instructions on how to drive E-bikes, and instructions on the rules of behavior on the local road. Biking is the ideal way to get to know such a spacious park, which stretches over 342 km2. We will drive on a road that used to be an important economic route between Slovenia and Croatia in the old days.
  • Arrival around 14:00 at the BUDINJAK VISITOR CENTER , a place of learning and enjoyment (the bus will take all the belongings to PC Budinjak before departure by bicycle).
  • Lunch Žumberak style (meat from the kettle, beans, potatoes, bread, pancakes, juice. Outside of the meal, drink according to consumption).
  • Free time after lunch.
  • At around 4:30 p.m., tent-stacking education organized by Franjo Kmet (licensed mountain guide, person who has climbed many world peaks and organizer of many expeditions).
  • After the set up camp, there will be a SURPRISE and a WELCOME PROGRAM organized by Sport and Travel. The content of the surprise is a secret and a gift from Sport and travel to the group.
  • This will be followed by dinner, which the children will prepare by themselves around the camp fire (hot dogs, jaggery, sausages on a stick, mashed potatoes, greens and carrot salad, strudel). After dinner, socializing around the campfire, overnight stay.

Day 2: BUDINJAK – SOŠICE (15 km)

  • After breakfast (homemade eggs, homemade bread, cheese and cream, juice, coffee, tea) tour at 10:00 a.m. of the TRAIL OF PRINCES and ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK BUDINJAK accompanied by a nature park guard (ranger).
  • Tour lasting 3 hours, and return to the camping area for lunch around 2:00 pm (chicken vegetable soup, bolognese dough, salad, strudel).
  • Setting up the tent, and continuing to ride bikes to Sošice, where we arrive around 6:00 p.m. During the drive to Sošice, we will visit the Sopot waterfall. Sošice differs from other typical Žumberac villages, scattered on the hills or crowded in the river valley, with its plateau. They are located in the spacious valley of the Sošice plateau.
  • A short break where we will leave things in the rooms (bunk beds, max 26-28 people), and one part of the group in the rooms opposite the center (7-9 people).
  • A tour of PC Sošice with the professional guidance of the center’s staff and a presentation of the newly opened VISITOR’S CENTER SOŠICA .
  • Education on the history of the Žumberak region. The center consists of a souvenir shop, a coffee bar, a sports field, an amphitheater and an info congresscenter.
  • Dinner in the facility opposite the visitor center. Socializing, spending the night in the PC center.

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  • Pickup at 7:00 a.m. After an EARLY breakfast at 7:30 a.m., the continuation of our cycling tour on two wheels to Krašić , where the buses will take us to Zvečaj and our Rafting experience (due to the direction of the river, there will be kayaks).
  • Boating with plenty of waterfalls, greenery, clear water – that’s Mrežnica. After kayaking, going to lunch (fish & chips or burger, side dish, salad) at the restaurant ” Mrežnička kuća ” by the river itself.
  • Departure for Zagreb, arriving in the early evening

TRIP PRICE: €353.04 / HRK 2,660

*at least 30 paid arrangements


  • transportation by quality tourist bus;
    St Barbara mine;
  • professional management in the mine;
  • tasting of miner’s rake;
  • E bike rental for all three days;
  • licensed cycling guide for all three days;
  • auxiliary guide at the back of the column;
  • van assistance;
  • hiking guide with tent setting workshop and assistance;
  • camping on Budinjak;
  • breakfast on two days, and according to the travel program,
  • lunch on all three days, according to the travel program;
  • dinner in two days, according to the travel program;
  • sleeping in the visitor center of Sošice and in a building opposite the center;
  • rafting/kayaking with included equipment and guide;
  • all sightseeing according to the program;
  • 3-4 teaching assistants;
  • tour guide/companion (1) on the first day;
  • reservation and organization costs.


  • travel cancellation insurance
  • tents, mats, sleeping bags, pillows


  • in case of fewer participants than the minimum specified, the agency reserves the right to change the price of the trip.
  • bring clothes and shoes adequate to the weather forecast and conditions (winter is already quite cold), and in case of rain,
  • bring raincoats
  • For information and applications, click the BOOK NOW button at the bottom of the page


€353.04 / 2660,00

  • in case of fewer participants than the minimum specified, the agency reserves the right to change the price of the trip.