Climb Kilimanjaro Machame Route

Kilimanjaro, a view from the top
Price: 1690 €
Date: 4 January 2021
Days: 10

Machame Route 7 day Kilimanjaro climb, the highest mountain in Africa (19,341 ft)

Climb Kilimanjaro, the highest single free-standing mountain in the world, with Uhuru Peak being Africa’s tallest summit, reaching 19,341 ft. It is located in Northwestern Tanzania, 300 kilometres (190 mi) south of the equator.

As it is the highest summit of Africa, has no technical requirements and it is almost snowless, it is the target of a great number of mountaineers, trekkers and tourists. The climb itself is actually classic trekking and there are several routes that lead to top.

Of course, one can’t call this an expedition, since all the details are known and all the routes have been established. And expeditions are led to uncharted territories, with the aim of exploring them.

Table of Contents:

Why Machame Route up Kilimanjaro?

Climb plan Machame route to Kilimanjaro


How to register, Payment methods

Cancellation & Refunds

Required equipment


What is the success rate of Machame Route up Kilimanjaro?

Machame Route, also known as “Whiskey” Route, is by far one of the most popular routes up Kilimanjaro. It is slightly harder than Marangu Route. Machame has just about the summit success rate with regards to route topography. It allows the climbers to apply the “climb high, sleep low” maxim, which gives a lot of time to acclimatize. Unlike Marangu Route which has a gentle rise, Machame Route has much steeper trails and climbers have to cross the higher distances. This route offers some of the most spectacular landscapes you could ever hope for.

The Machame Route starts on the Southwestern side of the mountain and continues steep to the north, passing through the Shira plateau, connecting the Shira and Lemosho plateaus in Shira camp.

Kilimanjaro climate zones - climate and vegetation zones
Kilimanjaro climate zones – climate and vegetation zones

Who is the Kilimanjaro climb up Machame route for?


  • Who want to climb one of “Seven summits”, one on each of the continents
  • Who want to climb the highest summit of Africa
  • Who can endure the harsh surroundings of the rise
  • Who are physically fit
  • Who want to test their boundaries
  • Who want to step outside their comfort zone
  • Who want to get to know the exotic Africa through all its climate zones

Why is Machame the best Kilimanjaro route?

The reason why Kilimanjaro climb up the Machame route is so attractive is because during the rise you go through all the climate zones, from rain forests, heather and moorland, alpine desert to Arctic zone, which soars at above 16000 ft (5000m), and that’s where harsh colds, distilled air and UV radiation reign.

Because of the high altitude and thin air, it is imperative to properly acclimatize.

This climb does not require any mountaineering equipment, unlike other mountains of similar heights.

This trip is organized ONLY as a climb to the highest summit of Africa. If a climber wishes to engage in extra activities during the limb , like safari or day trips, we can arrange that. If you wish to come before the climb, or stay longer after it, you are required to secure your airline tickets on your own. The airline tickets for the trip as advertised here can be purchased with us @ Sport and travels.

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Machame starting point
Machame starting point

Climb plan – Machame route to Kilimanjaro

Day 1 – Trip to Tanzania – 4 January 2021

Depart from Zagreb airport and arrive in Tanzania late in the evening, depending on the individual tickets.

Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport in Arusha town and transfer to “Peace” Hotel.

Overnight stay with breakfast.

Day 2 – Checking the equipment, visit the Arusha Town – 5 January 2021

After the breakfast get to know the local guide, learn about the route and check the equipment. Anything that’s missing or not in working condition can be rented in Arusha.

Overnight stay with breakfast.

Day 3 – Machame Gate (5,718 feet) to Machame Camp (9,927 feet) – 6 January 2021

About an hour’s drive from Moshi is the Machame Route gateway, where we need to fill out the formalities of entering the National park, meet the porter crew and start the climb. The first part of the route is an endless climb, passing through magnificent, thick rainforest. It is a less passable road, so in some parts the path can be overgrown, oftentimes wet and muddy.

Distance: 10,8km/6,70 miles 

Hiking time: 6 hours

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Day 4 – Machame Camp (9,500 ft) to Camp Shira (12,500 ft) – 7 January 2021

We continue through the wood till we reach the steep climb to Shira Plateau, where you can enjoy a stunning view to the mountain. Looking back, you can see the Mera mountain rising high above the Arusha town.

Distance: 5,4km/3,35 miles

Hiking time: 5 hours

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Machame route
Machame route

Day 5 – Shira cave (12,615ft) to Barranco Camp (13,044ft) – 8 January 2021

We walk through the high swamps, where the landscape changes the entire nature of the hike. We cross the southwesterm side of Kilimanjaro, passing under the Lava Tower and the end part of Western Breach, finally reaching the camp. We spend the day at elevation of around 15,090ft, following the climber’s moto “climb high, sleep low”, to acclimatize as much as possible.

Distance: 10,8km/6,70 miles 

Hiking time: 8 hours
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Day 6 – Barranco camp (13,044ft) to Karanga camp (13,106 ft) – 9 January 2021

We start the day descending to Great Barranco, a vast plain. Then we climb the steep Great Barranco Wall, our last obstacle before the southeastern slopes of Kebo. This is a rise across the rock, not really technical, but a long and hard one. Passing under the Heim and Kersten glaciers, we head for the Karanga valley. From here there’s a steep climb to our night camp at Karanga camp, set at 13,000ft. For those who want something extra, we’ll head for afternoon acclimatization hike up to 13,800ft, and we return to camp for the night.

Distance: 5,4km/3,41 miles

Hiking time: 5 hours

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Day 7 – Karanga camp (13,106 ft) to Barafu camp (15,330ft) – 10 January 2021

After a pleasant night’s rest and a breakfast, we take a hike to Barafu camp at 15,330ft. The climb takes us across the desert slopes without vegetation. It’s a hard, steep hike, and the altitude isn’t helping either. 

After reaching the camp we’ll enjoy a meal and spend the afternoon resting, while we prepare for a long night and day ahead of us. It’s important to keep warm, and to drink a lot of water so you don’t dehydrate.We’ll have an early dinner, and then try to get some sleep because we have to get up between 11pm and midnight, to start the climb to top.

Distance: 3km/1,86 miles
Hiking time: 3 hours
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Day 8 – Barafu camp (15,330ft) to Uhuru Peak (19,341 ft) and the descent to Millenium camp (12,400ft)

We leave around midnight down the steep slope towards the glaciers at the top. We climb for 4-5 hours, gaining huge altitude while crossing the small distance. The views are spectacular. At the end of the crate, on Stella point, we are at 18,800ft as the first rays of sun shine upon us.

We are surrounded by the spectacular ice cliffs, with spectacular views of the fractured Mawenz Peak. About an hour’s worth of hike takes us to the top, the Uhuru Peak (19,341 ft). After summiting and photographing, we take the same road back to the Stella point, and then down the trail to Barafu camp, where we will have breakfast.

Then we’ll’ descend down to MIllenium camp for a well deserved rest.

Distance: 8,32 miles

Hiking time: 12-15 hours

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Climb Kilimanjaro
Climb Kilimanjaro

Day 9 – From Millenium camp (12,400ft) to Mweka gateway (5,340ft)

Easy trail leads us through the rainforest to Mweka gateway, where we fill out the formalities and we also receive our certificates of successfully completing the Kilimanjaro climb. After that we head out towards our transportation and we return to “Peace” Hotel in Arusha, where we treat our selves to hot whoers and cold beers.

Then we have a huge celebration!

Overnight stay at the hotel.

Distance: 7,45 miles
Hiking time: 6 hours
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Dan 10 – Return from Tanzania (13 January)

It’s your free day, depending on the time we have left till the flight. In the mean time we get to explore the Town of Arusha, and get some souvenirs before heading back to the airport.

* educational 1 hour visit to the orphanage, as a sign of community support

* Safari and Zanzibar additions are available if you want to continue exploring Tanzania

Meals: Breakfast included

Uhuru Peak at dawn
Uhuru Peak at dawn


PRICE : 1785 $


  • airport transfers to hotel
  • Transfer from/to starting point of the climb
  • 2 night, half board at “Peace” Hotel in Arusha, three stars
  • Accommodation includes excess baggage storage during the climb
  • All the tickets to National park, all taxes and VAT included
  • All the Kilimanjaro admissions, camping and hut admissions, climbing licences
  • Rescue admissions at National park Kilimanjaro (Kilimanjaro escue tim)
  • The main guide is equipped with a Pulse Oxymeter, which is used to get the blood Oxygen levels, two times a day if needed
  • Emergency Oxygen (to be used only in case of emergency, not as a help during climbing)
  • Basic first aid kit (to be used in case of emergency)
  • Qualified mountain guide, additional guide, porters and cook
  • An English speaking guide with additional guides
  • Payments to the mountain helping crew, according to the KINAPA minimal rates
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, vegetarian and non vegetarian menu, water and hot beverages during the climb
  • Water for daily washing up
  • Porter for baggage, with maximum weight of 15 kilos, from one camp to another
  • Exclusive 15 page printed survival guide
  • Overnight tent
  • Mess quality tent
  • A table with chairs
  • Kilimanjaro National park certificate, golden one for Uhuru climb completion, green one for Stella Point completion
  • Complete climb logistics
  • Physical fitness 6 months plan and programme to assure successful climb
  • Expert help with equipment, as well as equipment discounts
  • Current physical fitness assessment
  • Expert help by the Croatian mountaineering guide possessing UIMLA International license
  • Lessons end education on all parts of climb during the preparations phase


  • Plane ticket
  • Tanzania visas – 50$ per person upon arrival
  • subsistence expenses (laundry, phone cards, drinks etc)
  • Educational trips (short Safari after the climb etc.)
  • Personal items
  • Additional Oxygen
  • Private portable toilet
  • Tips for porters, carriers, cooks…, recommended amount – 180$ per participant (traveler)
  • Medical requirements and vaccines (yellow fever vaccine is mandatory if you travel to Tanzania via country hit with Yellow fever epidemic, Meningitis and Hepatitis are not mandatory, but recommended)
  • Travel and health insurance (recommended)
  • Standard package does not include chopper medical service (chopper evacuation to Nairobi), but can be arranged (Alpenverein takes care of the issue)
  • Personal mountaineering/trekking equipment – you can rent some of it in Tanzania
  • Gloves, sleeping bag, caps, raincoats, warm jackets, walking sticks…. Can all be rented on the National park entry
  • Medicines, pills, water purifying pills
  • Food and drinks which are not listed (beer, sodas etc.)


Tips are cc 180$ per person total. Porters and helping staff are with us during every step of the climb, and if necessary they will carry us to the top.


A participant should fill out the mountaineering and health questionnaire which is used to determine if heshe is fit enough to take part in the climb, you fill it out when registering


Registrations close on 4 December 2020.

Sport & Travels will secure every participant’s deposit wit a local agency. The rest of the amount needs to be paid at least 60 days before the departure date (payable in installments also).

  • Prices can be modified depending on the currency.
  • It is advisable to have Alpenverein security for rescuing in the mountain up to 20,000ft.
  • Please notify us if you want vegetarian meals
  • Immediate contact in case of emergency (Name, Address, Phone number)
  • Registrations close on 4 December 2020
  • Payments secures the spot.
  • Minimum number of participants: 8
  • Maximum number of participants: 15


If the Participant or the Organizer cancel the trip, Mountain-fit and Sport & Travels will keep the following amount as damages reimbursement:

  • Up to 61 days before departure – 10% of the total price (at least 100 HRK)
  • 60 – 41 days before departure – 25% of the total price
  • 40 – 31 days before departure – 40% of the total price
  • 30 – 21 days before departure – 80% of the total price
  • 20 – 0 days before departure – 100% of the total price
  • After departure – 100% of the total price

In case of cancellation due to lack of minimum participants, cancellation deadline is 60 days before 4 January 2021.

Mountain-fit is the official partner of Sport & Travels, ID kod: HR-AB-01-08085240, which organizez this trip.


Kilimanjaro National park
Kilimanjaro National park

Required equipment

(most of it you can rent in Arusha or Mosha)

    • 30L backpack with protective raincoat
    • 75L-100L Transport bag
    • Hiking sticks
    • Snekaers and boots
    • Spats
    • Sunglasses and ski glasses
    • Protective sun cap
    • Wool thermal cap
    • Thermal gloves
    • Buff or a scarf against the wind
    • 4-5 pairs of socks, 1 pair of thermal socks for the last day
    • Mountaineering pants x2
    • Technical shirt – long and short sleeves, 4-6 pieces
    • Technical underwear for the last day, thermal underwear
    • Gorotex jacket to protect against wind and rain
    • Thermal fleece
    • Short pants
    • Sleeping bag (rentals available – 10$)
    • Inflatable sleeping mat
    • Thermal bottle
    • 2x 1,5L liquids bottles (regular plastic bottles are not permitted in the National park)
    • Cell phone battery
Kilimanjaro crater
Kilimanjaro crater


By registering you acknowledge that you are aware and that you accept the risks that come with this type of activity and travel, and that your acceptance of the risks and terms is purely voluntary.

Even though the Organizer has taken all precautions to provide you with the right equipment and guides, you accept the potential risks.

Potential risks are: avalanches, lightning, unstable rocks or falling rocks, snow, ice, extreme heat or cold, dehydration, height sickness, winds, low quality mountaineering equipment, human error…. You acknowledge that this list is not complete and that there are other  unknown or unforeseeable risks which can cause permanent damage or even death.

This climb is organized and executed with the help of Mountain-fit and Franjo Kmet, licensed UIMLA guide with many years of experience.

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Destination Map


10 day trip, 7 day Kilimanjaro climb

PRICE : 1690