About us

We are young, but fully experienced and enthusiastic travel agency, which wants to profile itself through a modern, unique, and additional values that are currently missing on the market. We are addicted to travel and sport, and we know that a great organization and diversity of content are the key in achieving superior satisfaction in every travel and activities.

Especially, we would like to highlight school trips (elementary, middle and high school excursions, etc.) and winter holidays for kids, in which we focus on the organization and quality. Our wish is to be recognized by teachers and parents with what we offer in order for their children to feel safe, cared for and that we encourage creative development through play and sports.

Our core values ​​are:

  • Attractiveness and uniqueness of our programmes
  • Offering new values, suited to the characteristics of each client separately.
  • Modern approach
  • Personal contact and responsibility from first contact to follow-up satisfaction surveys.
  • Sporting values
  • Encouraging the movement and sport.
  • School trips experience

Throughout the last two years that we have existed as a company, we managed to put ourselves among top agencies in Croatia regarding school (in combination with sport and healthy living) excursions and trips. We have a long chain of clients, and among them, very good experiences with IB schools, with professional guiding in english language and individually based approach for every child throughout our programme.

We can be entrusted with organization of a large spectrum of tourist services: from travel at home and abroad, organized sports, music and business travels, meetings, conferences, team building and other events.

Tell us what you like, and we’ll do our best to make the offer prepared just for you. Your wish is our command, and we make impossible possible.

Contact us and find out everything we have to offer, and we promise to make you feel like home wherever you are with us.